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Tried and Tested Remarketing Tips

By definition, remarketing is a way of reaching out and re-engaging with past website visitors. Remarketing gives you a way to bring back the audience who is already familiar with your products. It was developed and has evolved with tools that will allow you to use comprehensive techniques. Because of this, several do’s and don’ts that have been proven to be effective were gathered for the marketers to remember and use:


Avoid Repetitions

Don’t put your ad on every site there is. Analyze and think of a good way to target and reach out to your potential customers. If you fill every page with your ad, there can be a tendency that people will turn against you for good. Tailor your targeting to prevent this from happening.


Schedule Campaigns Accordingly

When you analyze your data and want to lure old customer, try looking for significant details like trends and occasions that pushed your customer to buy. For example, your specialty shop could remarket during Christmas season so those who remember you would have the buying urge. Try to imitate this for a chance to reconnect with them. You can also offer discounts and promos that can also encourage them to be a customer again.


Integrate and Sync

Hit two birds with one stone by syncing your remarketing technique with email marketing. Use the data from their emails or facebook logins to encourage them to visit and try your company again.



Remarketing is mainly dominated by Adwords, but there are also other remarketing channels you can try that will cater your brand to a larger audience. You can try some of the following:


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  • Youtube retargeting – remarket to your audience list in adwords according to Youtube data and metrics.


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  • Facebook Remarketing – Make use of the demographic data of your users according to interests, behavior, location and others.


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  • Twitter Remarketing – Twitter has now extended from their Promoted Tweets and Promoted Accounts to their new Twitter Cards to assist you in your direct response efforts.


Overall, remarketing will benefit you and your company as long as you take care of filtering, segmenting and tailoring your targets. Be careful to not overdo it so you will not lose your prospects. Make use of these tips for a more convenient marketing strategy!