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Visual Content Marketing: Your Business Eye Candy

It has been proven lots of times that Google and other search spiders loooove content. But let’s face it, users are not so ecstatic to read through meaty articles no matter how informative those are unless when they’re out for a research mission. This is why in order to entice both robots and humans, adding visual is your best bet.


But first, let’s lay down some basic stuff. Which one do you prefer? Reading through reports with staggering statistics or skimming throughinfographics with the same figures? Visual content marketing is one of the hottest ways for small business to attract their target market nowadays. With a compelling content sugar-coated with cool graphics, you are making a statement for your brand.


Visual content marketing comes in many ways both offline and online. These include social media, print advertising, online paid ads, virtual tours, videos, radio and tv ads, banners, billboards and more. As stated inForbes, “65 percent of us are visual learners. That sure makes a case for infographics and probably for doing more online videos via YouTube, too….and businesses will need to become more mindful about the ‘shareability’ factor of photos on their websites and blogs in order to derive significant benefit from their social media content marketing efforts.”


Boosting your online presence

So how do you use visual content marketing to boost your online presence? Here are some tips that can help you make it work for you.


  •         The Look

Strategize how you can introduce your brand to your audience. Which would work better for your restaurant – infographics or Instagram photos? How about for your real estate business – Youtube video or a virtual tour?


Starbucks employing Instagram

  •         Context is the new King

You should know what you’re trying to relate to your audience and communicate effectively. When using graphics or photos, make sure that they relate to your brand. Avoid grabbing generic images on the net. It’s actually better showcase photos in your workplace while you’re in action and setting up pictorials.

  •         Stats are sexy

If your audience finds number boring, then make them come alive with your creativity. There’s nothing that cements credibility and inspiration within the team with well-researched figures.

visual culture

  •         Go straight to the point

One reason why people shy away from written content is because they’re not fans of lengthy words. With visuals at your arsenal, keeps things concise so you’ll hold the short attention span of your audience.


So, what are you waiting for? Try your hand at this kind ofonline marketing. Bring out your creative side, look at some samples, be it a slideshow presentation or a cover photo for your social media campaign, do your meaty yet still quirky research and launch your visual project!

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