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What do you know, LinkedIn Now has Video Ads!


So it followed the trend. There’s no mistaking it, we will now be seeing Video Ads on LinkedIn.

Just last week, the Online Marketing Manager of LinkedIn Will Hambly announced in a blog post that advertisers can now reach out to 175 Million LinkedIn users through a 300×240 video ad.

So how does this ad works?


Hambly provided an efficient description of the ad’s format in his blog. He wrote, “When a LinkedIn member is engaged and clicks your video ad, the video will take over the entire 300×250 ad unit and play a 30 second video. After the video completes, users will still be able to click through to your landing page or visit your website, just like with current ads.”

Advertisers won’t have problem integrating this new tool in their Social Media campaign since the new LinkedIn video ads work perfectly with Youtube. They can utilize their existing videos on the Youtube and still get to grow and capture the stats they were used to.

Moreover, Hambly proudly added that with these video ads, “you can control your costs, pay per view or click, and stop your campaign at any time.”

Some are Happy, Some Not So


Despite the 175 Million reach, most marketers are still having second thoughts about placing PPC ads on LinkedIn. The skepticism also goes even with the newly-released video ads. Compared to Facebook, LinkedIn’s demographics is just a small number and the conversion on ROI doesn’t seem so evident.

But in our opinion, it still boils down to your target market. LinkedIn is still a valuable tool as it can provide touch-points for your potential market. Through LinkedIn, you can narrow down your audience by industry, company, age, gender, and kind of work. Though you can’t have as much reach as Facebook, you have a better chance of building a solid, directly convertible network. Besides, 175 million is still 175 million; and the 7.8 million increase in number of Asian users compared to last year gives as something to look forward to.

As long as your video can fulfill its purpose as an effective social media tool and engage your targets, the impact on your business will still be the same.

Furthermore if your business is B2B, LinkedIn really has great values.

LinkedIn, on the Move


Before the Video Ads, LinkedIn also redesigned the look of its site and offered new features to their users. The profile page has been modified for easier editing (better and more engaging if you’ll ask me), whilst more information regarding your networks and connections are also available. Most importantly, the company had also updated LinkedIn’s iPad and Blackberry (for BB6 and BB&) apps.

Since LinkedIn seems concerned with their mobile users, I only have two questions in mind.

How will the video ads work with iOS and Android?