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What to Do With 45 More Characters in AdWords Text Ads


Google AdWords has recently launched the expanded text ads to cater to the multiscreen world, meaning, you now have additional 45 characters to make your ads more appealing to the target audiences on SERPs.

Gone are the days of the 25-35-35 rule. The new character count is 30-30-80 with two headlines of up to 30 characters of text followed by one condensed description line of up to 80 characters. So now what? We listed ways on how you can get the most of your expanded text ads while still keeping your advertising goals in mind.

Beef up your headline


Headlines drive clicks and have the biggest opportunity to improve your click-through rate. The content and quality of your headlines matters and will determine how well your ads perform. Big blue headlines are more prominent than your description text and now that the character allotted for your headline is longer, you can beef it up to provide consumers with more insight into what you are offering.

Be more specific on the description line


The longer description line allows you to utilize one consolidated 80-character description to support your already beefed up headline. The additional characters plus being a big chunk once your ads is shown allow you to convey your message to your target audiences on a clearer light.

Maintain URL relevance


Keep in mind that any mismatch between your display, final, and landing page URLs will mean that your ads have bigger chances to be disapproved. Though you can customize your URL path, ensure that you keep it relevant like what is being practiced before and avoid confusion in the part of your target audiences.

Here’s the ad preview on mobile and desktop:


Glorious or not, you, as advertiser, you must think of ways on how to properly utilize the new and so-called “improved” expanded text ads and look at your ads from a holistic point of view rather than be totally close-minded about it. Ask your local marketing agency to run an A/B tests with standard and expanded text ads for a period of time and from that, gauge what actions you should do next.