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What to do with Mobilegeddon?

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Last April, Google released a new algorithm specifically designed to give mobile-friendly websites a boost in its mobile search results. The change is said to bring a huge effect on websites, causing these to possibly drop in their rankings. It has also been penned many names, the most famous being ‘Mobilegeddon’.


So what did Mobilegeddon do?


Almost a month has gone by and it seems that the algorithm is taking some time for it to have an effect because many sites are not yet reindexed, but Google says that the algorithm is fully rolled out. Prior to Mobilegeddon, many websites became mobile-friendly, causing the number of sites affected to decrease. Changes are happening, but not drastic, yet.


So why did Google decide to finally launch their mobile-friendly algorithm? According to a study made by Google during the beginning of 2015 where they tried to predict the tech trends to come, they came up with the conclusion that searchers would want their smartphones to deliver a better experience when they are accessing websites since these are the gadgets being used for almost everything. These searchers are consumers, so brands and businesses need to deliver what is being needed. If you cannot deliver, you lose a customer. If your site is not readable on their device as they search for information, you lose again and mobilegeddon will further affect your business because this new update is made to improve the user experience.


If your site is not yet mobile-ready, there are a number of ways for you to keep up to the pack.


You can start basic optimizations. Once you’ve done that, add in other important factors like faster page loading, useful content and design, and shorter navigational paths. Of course, making your website mobile-ready is the way to go so work on that next.


Establishing these factors will give the user a better experience that will result to lasting relations and success with the users.