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What To Expect in SEO in 2013

It’s the New Year and a new beginning for SEO!

The past year has seen many algorithm updates and changes that turned the industry upside down. With its over 500 algorithm updates every year just to weed out poor quality sites, Google is determined more than ever to “clean” the Internet of websites that are not really useful.

Even though I’ve only been in the industry for some time, I’ve noticed that SEO is no longer child’s play. Every day, it proves to be more challenging and requires constant innovation in your techniques to get better and consistent rankings.

But since it’s a new beginning for most of us, what should we expect in SEO in 2013?

Experts say that the answer to this question is still vague and most are not even sure what updates will occur. Some believe that the future still lies in content marketing while others believe that social media will play an integral part. But based from experts and research, here’s a rundown of what to expect in 2013.

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Social Media Presence

Expect that this year, social media presence will make its way in Google’s criteria in considering the quality of your site. Not only should you be in various social media platforms, but you must utilize and develop an effective and active social media presence.

Webmasters and site owners have to carve out their niche in social media if they want their sites to rank. Important platforms that you should be actively participating in are Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon and Delicious.

Experts believe that Google will consider this criterion because they want to give Google+ a boost and that in the future, it will be the most important social network for webmasters and SEO specialists; either way, social media is evidence that traffic finds the content of your site useful.

Author Rank

In 2013, Google will assign each blogger an Author Rank based on several factors like domain expertise and niche authority. This will be highly considered in ranking the content written by the author. In a nutshell, it just means that the higher the rank of the author, the more likely that their content will be placed in Google’s top ranks.

And in conjunction with social media, you should also link your content to your Google+ profile to draw in higher calculations for your ranking. So, with this unresolved Author Rank update, the ranking of the site depends on the authority of the author and the expertise of the site.

Equivalency Score Algorithm

Other change that we should expect in 2013 is the Google Equivalency Score Algorithm (ESA). Simply put, it works just the same way as Google Adword’s Quality Score wherein each keyword is given a score based on different factors. ESA, if implemented, will have a huge impact on online businesses. Google expects that it will eventually cut down the monopoly of some websites on the top spots and will create a more level playing field for all businesses.


Link Disavow Tool


This Tool was created to collect the data on the back link structure of sites; and experts believe that Google will use this to make an algorithm using the links that have already been submitted to them. Consequently, blog posts and forum posts will no longer count and be used to create backlinks.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing will be the holistic approach to SEO in 2013. Slowly, this will include market-purposed content creation, pay-per-click strategies and use of social media. Because of some expected Google updates, this will surely get a big boost and businesses will eventually turn to digital marketing in no time.

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