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Why Schools in the Philippines Do Not Teach SEO

It’s been almost three years since I graduated from College. I’ve been in a couple of outsourcing companies and Digitalmoz Sourcing Inc. is the only one Filipino-owned outsourcing company that I’ve been with.

I had a very thin grasp of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) when I entered Digitalmoz. All I know was to write different types of high-quality articles with some video and photo editing on the side. However, since the day I learned that it’s already a booming industry, it made me think that “Why my School doesn’t have this subject on the curriculum?”

As a former Mass Communication student, I had subjects like Journalism, Broadcasting, Advertising, Public Relations, and Theater and Film Production. I was so ready to be a part of the media back then. But when I thought that these are the fields that I can be with, I stumbled to SEO.

We had a previous article on how much SEO practitioners are being paid on other countries as compared here in the country which strengthened my curiosity. However, as I did some research, it made me realize that Google and I are both on unstable and ever changing world. One day we can be here but the next day we can be out. Yes, that’s the hard truth about technology and as a person relying on Google’s course, I might signal the fresh grads to venture into more stable industry.

Here are few reasons why schools in the Philippines do not provide SEO in their curriculum:

1. Infinite Algorithms

As we welcomed different black and white animals and some new other algorithms, SEO practitioners are chasing these updates to stay on top. And while Google changes its ranking behavior every day, it will be hard for any school to keep up with the pace and provide a current standard for curricula. Books and guidelines can be outdated easily.

2. Teaching the  Tools to Use

There are many SEO Tools out there. Some provide different results from one another while some have failed to update themselves. Similar to learning institutes, professors may also use different programs based on their personal standards which somehow can be subjective.

3. Teaching SEO Strategy

why-seo-is-not being-taught-in-schools-in-the-philippinesIn connection to the first reason, the big G changes its algorithm each day and the strategy that SEO practitioners were using also changes. In fact, SEO companies have their own unique strategies through testing and thorough studies. But as time goes by, one strategy may be effective while others may become wrong eventually.

More and more Filipinos are graduating each year. Although there is economic prosperity, the truth is, the government cannot provide enough jobs. On the other hand, people are finding more stable career here and abroad and SEO being a not-so-stable industry, schools will never think of providing this type of degree.

However, there are many ways on how you can learn SEO. If you’re eager to learn the art of digital marketing, there are basic things that you should be doing as early as now.

a. Read – Be updated with the industry’s thought leaders.

b. Write – Learn to entice your audience with your content.

c. Know what is marketing and advertising – This our your industry, only on the internet landscape. I’m not sure if there’s an existing business course that has a special subject for SEO but there should be.

d. Be tech savvy – Learn design and manipulate different kinds of CMS.

e. Be a statistics pro – I didn’t pay attention on this class during college which I regret. Don’t be like me! Study statistics so you know how to analyze your data and create impressive reports!

Remember that SEO is fun, crazy and cool. All you need is patience and a creative mind. There are SEO companies in the Philippines that provide great benefits to their employees and clients which is why many businesses are partnering with local companies here in the country.

Now you’ll be reading my author bio below. I was an awesome student, mind you. Anyway, I believe those were the reasons why schools in the Philippines don’t teach SEO. I may extend this article by reaching CHED or some universities but for now, do you have any other reasons in mind?

To date, there are few schools that discuss what is SEO but does not really dig deeper on the science behind it.

Anna Villena

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