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Why SEO in the Philippines is the hottest career in 2014 and beyond

Many people say that SEO is dead. However, it appears that as technology and communication progress, many businesses are needing our help.

In Yahoo!’s Seven top careers in 2014, Public Relations Specialist has a projected growth of 23% in 2010-2020. Other top jobs next year are Database Administrator, Software Developer and Petroleum Engineer.

Your SEO career is here in the Philippines

PR is part of communication and businesses needs to connect to public in order to market their name and services really well. So where’s SEO in PR? It’s there communicating through social media, press releases and other mediums that the public is seeing everyday from their Facebook’s news feeds, Youtube’s viral videos and hashtags in Twitter and Instagram.

While these materials are there, SEO empowers them in order to be seen and get attention.

However, SEO is not only needed by businesses who want to build a good reputation, SEO is also needed by companies and professionals with bad online reputation. Those with bashers and bad reviews online. Of course, businesses would not want that to be all over the internet.

Even in the last 2013 Philippine elections, many politicians used internet particularly social media during their campaign. And this 2016 election, I’m sure that online campaign will intensify as candidates will allot more budget in this segment.

You don’t need to leave the Philippines

While many of other hot careers in 2014 are often in-demand abroad, SEO is bringing in foreign clients and Filipinos don’t need to leave their loved-ones just to get a good-paying job.

On the other hand, global competition in SEO is getting stiffer, same goes with SEO career in the Philippines. However, more and more businesses are opening their doors to digital marketing both locally and globally so this is our chance to make Philippines an SEO outsourcing hub of the world.

While SEO yet to be taught in Schools in the Philippines, degrees in marketing and communication as well as journalism and PR is a good start.

Create a career in the SEO industry as early as now. You only need to be tech savvy and good at creating great content. And the good thing is, we have available positions that you can fill in!

Anna Villena

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