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Why Use WordPress for Your Business Website

Since 2003, WordPress dominated the market of blogging software, and is now running for more than 10 years. WordPress has also become the most used content management software of many SEO companies for non-blogging sites.

Many SEO specialists recommend their clients to use WordPress as CMS platform for their websites. Ever wonder why? Keep reading and know the reasons.

Reasons to use wordpress:


User Friendliness – This CMS is very easy to use and has a direct interface. With WordPress, adding new pages, blog, posts, images and categories on a standard basis is easy. Formatting is greatly reduced because of the simplicity of the technology.

Browser Based and Self-Contained System – You can login from any internet connected computer and manage your website. Software with HTML editing and using FTP software is not required anymore with WordPress. You can add new pages, posts, format texts; upload media files like images and videos, and other documents without using any additional HTML and FTP software.

WordPress Websites are Easier to get indexed – The structure of WordPress is very clean, simple and easy to navigate; making it easy for search engines like Google to crawl and index a certain site’s content. You can make meta tags like titles, keywords and descriptions to each page, post and image; this allows search engines to crawl your site easily. Most SEO specialists use SEO plugins to better enhance their SEO services to their clients.

Update designs and template on your own – You don’t have to wait for your web designer to do little updates to your site. You can control every aspect of your site and can easily make those simple updates yourself with WordPress.

100% Customizable Design – WordPress is the engine of your website. You can customize the look and feel of the site. This helps your brand shine among others and will give your visitors unique experience.

Built-in and “ready to go” Blog – Blogging capabilities are built-in and easy to utilize. You can set RSS/email subscriptions to your blog. You can also set automatically adding of the most recent blog posts to other page within your site.

Many helpful Plugins are available – There are so many different kinds of Plugins that can help you upgrade your website. Plugins like event calendar, video gallery, Twitter Feed, Facebook Like Box and many more. For SEO specialists, there are lots of SEO plugins available that can help you get indexed on search engines.

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