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Why you have to be visible on Google Places

In the past, when you are looking for a certain place and you got lost on the track, the first thing you do is ask someone on the road or contact anyone. However these days, there’s a chance some people will call you outdated or old school if you still do this. The Internet drastically changed the way we live and interact with the world.

In today’s program, if people get lost, the first thing they would do is browse the web, or go to Google maps for directions.

And it’s the same thing for businesses. Local people who have interests on a certain product or service are now using Google maps to find what they want.  Google maps optimization or Google maps SEO has a very important use  in our lives, and in businesses as well.

Getting your business listed on Google places is the search engine’s way of giving local business owners an advantage.

Businesses should create and claim their Google Places listings and must update on a regular basis. Soon, they would see the benefits of showcasing their business through Google Places’ free service.

There are so many benefits of getting listed in Google places. Sadly, many business owners are not taking advantage of it.

With Google Places, you can quickly jump to the top of the listings even with a brand new website.

Google Places

10 Benefits of Google Places

  1. Getting listed on Google Places is FREE
  2. Google Places has power to help you drive more traffic, which can be converted as new customers, clients, and sales to both local and international markets.
  3. Mentioning a storefront is not required to get accepted into Google Places.
  4. Allows you to display your website, physical mailing address, and phone number on your listing. These details help customers and clients find/contact you easily to get the information they need.
  5. Optimizing your Google Places listing properly helps your business appear on the first page of Google.
  6. Your business can be found by mobile phone users immediately. – Keep in mind that customers love it so much when getting information easily.
  7. Google allows you to manage and update offers, discounts and coupons as often as you want.
  8. Google Places allows you to add your business photos and videos to your listing. This process tells your story and highlight your business.
  9. Add citations and reviews to your Google Places listing. This can help you move up faster on Google search rankings.
  10. With the help of Google Places, your business will make more money.

In summary, Google Places will help your business to be visible in the eyes of customers. So, why not list your business on Google Places today?

“If you don’t have an office and a physical address, then you don’t have a business.”