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Why you Need to Learn about Facebook Studio

Although some would contend that Facebook is not useful for generating ROI’s, we at DigitalMoz still sees the impact that it has for our client’s business. For instance, being the one to manage our clients FB page, we noticed that almost 40% of Online inquiries usually comes from Facebook.

Furthermore, Facebook still remains as the most popular social media platform even for photosharing (as shown by Pew Internet and American Life project, 2012).

So, it wouldn’t really hurt if you try to learn about the latest Social Media Marketing tools. On the other hand, it might actually boost your brand awareness campaign, like what Facebook Studio Spotlight winners have shown.

Facebook Studio Page Logo

What is Facebook Studio?

The Facebook Studio was launched around April last year, primarily to showcase the most successful marketing campaigns launched in Facebook. Aside from exhibiting their available products, Facebook also aims to create a community where “ad agencies can be inspired to develop marketing strategies that are inherently social (Facebook Studio: A Guide to Facebook’s Marketing Showcase).”

Facebook Studio as a Learning Platform to Advance your Brand


The beauty of Facebook Studio Spotlight is that you get to see the best brand campaigns and how they managed to get on top.

By carefully studying their campaign tactics and identifying which strategies they use, you get an invaluable data on how to conduct your own brand’s campaign. Observe their overall performance, the principles inherent for each of their action, and you would catch a glimpse of how their campaign became viral, were able to generate millions of new fans, and project high level of engagement rate.

Both the Gallery and the Spotlight of Facebook Studio can be sorted and viewed by categories and parameters such as geographic location, most liked, most recent, brand category, and Facebook feature used. This will enable you to find campaigns closer to your brand so that you can get hints on how to launch your own FB campaign.

One of my most favorite winning social media campaign was that of Skittles “Mob the Rainbow”. The proponents (Evo Bureau, EVB California)  of the campaign was able to engage almost 144 Social Media Users, and drive a total of 5.5 million new fans in just a short span of 6 months. Right now, Skittles has over 15 million fans.

Imagine if that number can be converted to ROI, wouldn’t that be beautiful?

But local agencies shouldn’t just aim to copy the campaigns featured in Facebook Studio. On the other hand, our hopes should go beyond just learning their techniques to developing a world-class campaign of our own, Filipino style. After all there are about 29, 882, 680 Filipino FB users, so finding users to tap wouldn’t be much of a problem.

Submission for 2013 Social Media campaigns is now open. I wonder if a local Filipino agency can earn a spot in the Facebook Studio Spotlight.

Aside from the Spotlight, you can also learn how to use Facebook for your brand campaign using the Studio Edge. It features comprehensive courses on three FB marketing strategies that you will need for advancing your brand- the Pages, Adverts, and Technology.


Other Facebook  updates you need to watch out for


Facebook is on their way to rolling out a new page structure which aims to “best, localized experiences for a brand’s customers”.

With the Global Page structure, brands need only to promote a single global page URL and their fans would automatically be to a localized page of that brand. For example, users of Dove in the Philippines could click on the main Dove fan page managed in the US, but they will be directed to Dove Philippines instead of Dove USA.

Aside from enhancing providing local experience, this new structure is also said to make the tasks of KPI measurement easier for campaign managers as an easy-to-view dashboard (containing fan count and ongoing discussions) is available for them.