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Why Your Site Should Welcome Disavow Links Tool

Google’s very own Matt Cutts recently announced a new tool that can help clean up bad backlinks. Introducing, the Disavow Links Tool.

How it works

While this tool helps you remove low-quality links, not all website owners are advised to use Disavow. If your site is doing fine and has not done any off site link submission such as paid links, blog spam, comment spam, poor quality article with your anchor text, then you should not bother using this tool.

However, if you or if you had someone done such types of spammy and poor link building strategies in the past, then this is a great chance to clean up the links that you can no longer remove yourself.

Choosing the bad links

When you receive a message from the big G regarding unnatural links, it will suggest some links that looks spammy. These are examples of links that you might want to report to Google.

As you upload list of text file to your Webmaster Tools, Google will analyze the links that you submitted and recrawl the pages and reprocess the links that you want to get ignored by Google. And with this, it may take a couple of weeks to finish the whole process.

It’s advisable to collect the bad links and assess them before giving it to Google. Cutts reiterates that one should be sure that the links must be reviewed carefully since ‘undisavowing’ it may take more time or it may not be treated the same way.

Remember that Disavow is a tool and not the whole solution to help you all throughout your link building.

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