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Yengo New Digital Media: Your Website’s New Best Friend

In this era of the digital world, it is no wonder that people spend more time online. It is the place where they communicate with friends, shop for the latest trends, get hold of everyday news, watch the hottest videos and more. With this trend, it is a must for marketers to reconnect with consumers.


Online Marketing Trend: How do you maximize it?

Where else can you tempt consumers to try your new products, to call you for your services, and to experience what you have to offer? Of course, the internet is the big answer. This is where online marketing comes in. It has become a trend with its capability to respond to user’s needs with just a click of a button.

It is an online marketer’s job to know the right strategies, campaigns, and tools that must be employed to tickle the interest of the users. This includes knowing powerful directory submission sites, much-visited social bookmarks, much-talked about social media platforms and other SEO tools that can boost your brand online. And when we say “the likes”, it means using tools that can enhance the online popularity of the business. One such tool that has risen to the top is the Yengo widget. Now, what is this widget?


Yengo: How can this tool boost your sales?

Yengo New Digital Media developed this widget to help business owners and advertisers. A widget, which works as a portal, is placed on Yengo’s partner websites with eye-catching content. Once the widget was clicked on by a user, the business owner’s website would open in a new window. With interesting featured articles, getting the desired website traffic and visitors becomes easier.

In the digital world, having website visitors is like having customers visiting one’s shop. The visitors can ask inquiries, drop an order, or refer a client. So getting traffic for one’s website means more clients and more revenue.

What’s amazing about Yengo is that it’s a customizable ad. You can set it up the way you want with its geography targeting tool, transitions number control tool, and click cost control tool. This means that you can control how much each click would cost and manage traffic and customer flow. So, imagine paying only for successful clicks which can cost you for as low as 1₵.

Another good thing once you’ve chosen Yengo’s services is getting instant connection to thousands of reputable businesses. By having your ad placed alongside names such as Warner Brothers Pictures and Adidas, wouldn’t it mean easier access to their thousands of followers?


Clickable Ad: How beneficial is it?

Yengo New Digital Media

Yengo New Digital Media

Now, we’ve talked about easy-to-set-up tool, inexpensive ads, easier access to users, what else do you need for your business? Whether you’re an owner of a well-established business or a starting technopreneur, having a tool such as Yengo can give you lots of benefits as well as stress-free management of your advertising campaigns.

Yengo New Digital Media is a Bangkok-based international online-service provider with particular reaches in the Philippines, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Korea, Singapore, and China. Yengo can be reached through its Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts.

Now, whether you’re an expert in the online business or a newbie in internet marketing, you must ask yourself if you have you completed your checklist of tools that would help you succeed yet. If not, be sure to check out Yengo – your website’s new best friend.

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